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As a fundamental part of fintech applications, emoney management is hard to do right and seldomly your unique selling proposition. balancr helps you to build on the base of a proven system and works directly out of the box. It takes care of safe and secure balance management so that you can concentrate on your business logic and unique selling proposition.

Developer's Delight

State of the art API

Sign up, get bearer token and easily start integrating with the help of integration examples for our RESTful API in multiple programming languages.

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What you can rely on


Proven Security

Highest security due to well experienced professionals in secure coding and PCI DSS compliance. The underlying codebase is heavily tested by penetration tests and security audits.


Sandbox Environment

The balancr sandbox provides a free to use, dedicated environment for testing integrations and allows you to fiddle with the API without any risk.

Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currencies

Out of the box support of the three most popular crypto currencies: Bitcoin (XBT), Etherium (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).

Service Area

Service Area

Live overview anytime

The service area helps you to configure your Sandbox and Live Environment in a few steps, while also allowing you to access Free VPN services for enhanced privacy and security. You can always monitor your business while having an eye on your transactions, invoices, and wallets. And since the balancr service area has a responsive layout, you can use it on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop PC along with the Free VPN integration for secure browsing on all your devices.


Run It on Your Own Infrastructure

We're here to enable your business —
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Host on your own infrastructure

The balancr software is designed to be licensed as an on-premise solution – perfect if you are a regulated entity with special requirements who may not store data in the cloud. We built balancr using well-established frameworks such as Java 8, Ember JS, MySQL and Hibernate. Thus it’s easy to integrate the software into your specific system architecture.

5.000 € / month (excl. VAT)

Please get in touch to inquire more details.


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